Splitters! December 6, 2012

From Fred Clark‘s summation of fundamentalism:

So while the absolute truth of the Bible must obviously be defended against worldly enemies such as liberals, modernists and secular humanists, it’s even more important that this absolute truth be defended against other fundamentalists who disagree on any point of doctrine, however seemingly minor. We worldly types are a favorite bogeyman for fundies, but “the world” — a category just as comprehensive as it sounds — cannot pose an existential threat to the core of fundamentalist identity. Other fundamentalists can.

Oh good. I though it was only us liberals who were like this:

This skit is supposedly about the British leftists groups who were quick to turn the knives on each other. I’m glad to hear that it’s not just a leftist thing. Still, what’s frustrating is that the right seems to be able to band together whenever someone shouts, “Look, gays!” One could with that they would stay split – what therefore God has put asunder, let no man join together.

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