It’s Probably Quantum …

It’s Probably Quantum … March 23, 2013

Our friend Scott Bailey found this, which set him off on a rant about New Age hucksters:

Oh dear …

Your pet may appear healthy but a vast majority of “healthy looking” pets are actually infected with parasites and other infections that do not manifest themselves until they overwhelm the pet and the pet finally appears “sick”. Sometimes, by then, it is too late and euthanasia is recommended to end your beloved pet’s suffering. Often your vet bill becomes so high because the medical problem is in an advanced state of disease before it is discovered.


Your pet deserves so much better. QuantumVET™ Tricorder Plus is a quantum software program that is uploaded directly to your pet’s brain to run a set of diagnostics and then select the physiologic directives that program your pet’s brain to remove the causes of your pet’s illness, if any illness exists. Running these programs every 5 days on an ongoing basis provides your pet protection against 99% of all disease.

That’s right, the program is uploaded right to your pet’s little doggy (or kitty) brain.

This is such unbelievable BS. At least with snake oil you at least get some oil out of the deal. It’s enough to make you wish that someone had copyrighted the word “quantum”.

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