Foundation Beyond Belief in Oklahoma

Foundation Beyond Belief in Oklahoma May 21, 2013

The Foundation Beyond Belief is collecting monetary donations to provide disaster relief for victims of the devastating tornado in Oklahoma. Do your part and FBB will act as a clearinghouse distributing the money to charities. Go to the donation page to see updates on the crisis response.

In situations like this, the American Red Cross is always a good charity as well. They also maintain a Safe and Well Listing for those with family in the region.

For those of you outside the US, or otherwise out of the loop here, a tornado blasted through the suburbs of Oklahoma City yesterday afternoon. Some early reports estimate the tornado was over a mile at the base (!) and that it covered almost 20 miles during the 40 minutes it existed. Frankly, these are numbers I would have said were impossible just a few days ago. The chaos is such that death tolls and injury reports are unreliable.

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