QotD: What Has Atheism Done For You Lately?

QotD: What Has Atheism Done For You Lately? June 4, 2013

Godless in Dixie contemplates life after leaving the godless closet. He lists ten of the benefits he sees to living life as an atheist. His answers range from the basic (“Getting Sunday mornings back”), the profound (“A greater appreciation for the preciousness of life”) to the apparently unprintable (#7, too personal for the internet.)

For me, I have to say that there is a relief to facing life head on. I know that many believers find that theology and spirituality add meaning and depth to their lives, but I found it obscured what life really is. During my time as a Christian, I spent too much time trying to figure out what God’s plan was for my life, or what meaning this or that event held for my spiritual growth, or which solution to a given problem was “the solution” that divine providence had designated as the best solution.

Once I gave up on the idea that there was a guiding hand, everything snapped back into focus. It may sound horrible, but I find it a relief to know that some problems are just messy things that don’t have good solutions. When things go wrong, it’s not because you were morally flawed or that your faith was not strong enough. I prefer reality in all its horrible glory to the layers and layers of spirituality that get heaped upon it in order to make it “meaningful.”

Anyway, what has atheism done for you? How has it changed your life for the better? the worse?

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