Scientific Honesty

Scientific Honesty July 1, 2013

I love these! Apparently some scientists have been making “secret confessions” on twitter under the hashtag “#overlyhonestmethods“. Someone combined these with labphotos, and 22 Words has a collection. Some favorites:

I’m trying to think of some good admissions from my own profession of archivism. Sort of “overly honest scope & content notes”:

  • “Collection is of negligible historic value, but will be preserved indefinitely because the donor was an egomaniac who gave us a lot of money.”
  • “Folder labeled ‘Correspondence, 1983-1984’ contains letters to various mistresses. Mentioning this to the creator’s widow would be a breach of archival ethics.”
  • “Entire collection was accessioned in order to obtain one single item. You can safely ignore the rest.”
  • “Collection is described only to the box level, because there are some things so tedious you can’t force even work-study students to do them.”
  • “Creator kept full copies of magazines in which his interviews appeared – including Hustler and Screw. If folders are missing from the ‘Publications’ series, check the head archivist’s office and don’t ask questions.”

What are some “overly honest methods” from your profession?

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