Finally, a Reason to Watch the History Channel

Finally, a Reason to Watch the History Channel October 31, 2013

Robert Cargill lets us know that the History Channel will be airing a new series titled “Bible Secrets Revealed,” doubtlessly in between repeats of Pawn Stars and the latest alien autopsy videos. It’s produced by Prometheus Entertainment, makers of such fine scholarly works as “Ancient Aliens” and “Kendra On Top.”

Do you get the sense that I’m skeptical? Yeah, maybe a little.

The titles of the six episodes and their schedule of appearance are as follows:

“Lost in Translation” – November 11, 2013
“The Promised Land” – November 18, 2013
“The Forbidden Scriptures” – November 25, 2013
“The Real Jesus” – December 2, 2013
“Mysterious Prophecies” – December 16, 2013
“Sex and the Bible” – December 23, 2013

The documentary features dozens of the world’s top biblical scholars, religious studies scholars, archaeologists, and historians, who offer different points of view while addressing some of the more difficult readings in the biblical and extra-biblical texts.

Cargill adds a personal note:

It is also worth note that portions of the documentary were filmed on site during the 2013 season of archaeological excavation at Tel Azekah.

So there’s a chance of catching Cargill on site in all his natural tie dyed glory.

Over at Exploring our Matrix, our friend and neighbor James McGrath adds: “unless all the footage ended up on the cutting room floor, I will be in [the documentary]”

No doubt in the “Real Jesus” episode, expanding on his “Jesus as Time Lord” hypothesis.

Seriously, I’m glad that McGrath and Cargill are getting tapped for these programs. Both of them are serious and sober historians. But I have a sick feeling that anything they provide will be cast in the most sensational light possible.

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