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Ex-Muslim Blogs November 19, 2013

I’m an ex-Episcopalian. The god I no longer believe in is a Christian one. You might think that atheism is a null state, but a quick look around the atheosphere shows a heavy interest in countering Christian apologetics. Everyone here in the atheist portal at Patheos is focused on Christianity (with maybe a side interest in Mormons, depending on how you define the LDS.)

It’s not surprising. We’re mostly westerners here, and the west has been dominated by Christianity for centuries. Many of us are ex-Christians. It’s also true that conservative Christianity is the greatest threat to secularism in the west, which centers the attention of western secularists nicely.

So to provide some balance, let me join with Daniel Fincke in pointing you towards the new blog portal Ex-Muslims Blogs. Daniel likes the blog Between a Veil and a Darkness, which recently posted the following:

Why I find it important to tell the world that I like boobs.

… and now we know why Daniel likes it.

Seriously, it a thoughtful piece on a woman claiming ownership of her body and breaking free of social repression. It’s worth the read.

Some of the other blogs are just starting out. I’m going to throw out a recommendation to Uninformed Commentary, because they consider what it means to be a non-muslim Muslim, just as we consider what it means to be un-christian Christians. And also because they properly use the word “y’all,” which is far more useful than people give it credit.

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