The One Thing We Agree On

The One Thing We Agree On February 18, 2014

Our friend Sabio Lantz has a post about how ghosts are a touchstone for atheists:

Ghosts can be a touchstone for atheists. Those atheists who have seen ghosts or had mystical experiences generally view religious folks very differently than atheists who have led a life without these experiences. Is that surprising? No, I think not. Is it surprising that many ghost-seeing atheists don’t believe in ghosts, or that many atheists who formerly talked to Jesus now feel those personal conversations were simply a contrivance of their brain? No, I think not. But such facts often startle believers. Believers wonder for how anyone can have such amazing experiences and later deny them. But the point is, folks like me don’t deny the experiences, we just question our past interpretations.

I’m amused to see from Christian fiction author Mike Duran that ghosts are also a touchstone for Christian authors:

No Zombies Allowed! (in Christian Fiction)

One of the major hurdles I encountered when shopping my first novel “The Resurrection,” had to do with two factors: 1.) It was aimed at a Christian audience, and 2.) The story contained a ghost.

And Christian fiction doesn’t do ghosts.

The eventual publisher accepted the book on the basis that the ghost was peripheral, a MacGuffin (or so they believed). Nevertheless, they asked me to write an Afterword clarifying the inclusion of a ghost in Christian fiction.

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