A Higher View of Sex

A Higher View of Sex March 19, 2014

Pastor John Mark Comer asks “What is Sex?” (If you have to ask …)


It’s nice to see someone go against the erotophobia in contemporary Christian culture. Taking a high view of sex might be more successful in making the “sex only in marriage” argument – might be, but probably won’t. Some observations:

1. I’ve come to realize that the “biblical” is just a signifier of approval within the subculture. It does not mean that the concept is spelled out in scripture. If you can take the purity laws of the Hebrew Testament, the admonitions against adultery in the Gospels and Paul’s half-hearted endorsement that “it’s better to marry than to burn” and come up with Comer’s understanding of “biblical” sex, you’re on better drugs than I am.

2. His entire exegesis rests on a word in Genesis 2:24. It’s the little just-so story about how men cleave to women because women are made from man’s rib. To put it bluntly, this is raw myth and I’m not sure it can bear up under the theological/psychological/social weight he’s trying to put on it. He’s fighting against a tradition that has very deep roots in Christianity, so he needs more than one word to base his argument on.

3. Comer’s argument supports sex within a committed relationship. If there’s an addendum that endorses marriage he doesn’t present it here. That could get him in trouble.

4. His description of how contemporary culture views sex can be falsified by just reading one romance novel. There are many different views about sex in our culture. You can’t base your argument on Nickleback lyrics.

5. I had to open a new tab and just listen to the audio. His excessive hand motions were actually making me queasy.

6. The folks on Stuff Christian Culture Likes pointed out that his argument involved a person’s being – AKA soul – being torn into segments. Which is basically the whole back story behind Voldemort. Having sex outside of marriage makes your partner a hor…crux.

So Riddle could have skipped who whole Avra Kadavera business and just had a few one night stands. I don’t imagine that poor Moaning Myrtle would have been thrilled, but it’s better than the alternative.

7. This was on FaithIt, which seems to be on a mission to turn religion into click-bait. Their page title was, “Think Sex Out of Marriage Is No Big Deal? Well, This Could Change Your Mind Forever”. A related post title was, “Guess What Famous Couple Saved Sex for Their Wedding Night”.

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