Accidentally On Purpose? Station Scrubs Mention of Evolution

Accidentally On Purpose? Station Scrubs Mention of Evolution March 14, 2014

A Fox affiliate station in Oklahoma City broke into their presentation of the new Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson to show a nonessential update on coming news stories. SNAFU, right? Some of my local stations can’t seem to figure out how to get those little segments timed right either.

But this little slip just happened to occur when Tyson first began to talk about human evolution. One viewer named Adam Bates caught and recorded the interruption:

Tyson goes from pointing to fossilized human footprints and talking about how humans didn’t arrive until near the end of the “cosmic year” to talking about early humans wandering. Here’s what was cut:

“Three and a half million years ago, our ancestors – yours and mine -left these traces. We stood up and parted ways from them. Once we were standing on two feet, our eyes were no longer fixated on the ground. Now, we were free to look up and wonder.”

It’s not much, but its the clearest statement of human evolution in the show.

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