Atomism is Just a Theory

Atomism is Just a Theory March 7, 2014

The tumblr blog WTF Textbooks turns a critical eye on the textbooks written for Christian homeschoolers, and pulls out whatever howlers can be found. Here’s one of the latest:

(Dawn L. Watkins, Science 5 for Christian Schools 2nd Edition (Greenville: Bob Jones University Press, 1994), p 98)

I think this is the natural result of the “historical vs. observational science.” Since we can’t see directly observe atoms, then anything we say about them is not observational science, and thus not “true” science. Seeing is believing, and apparently it’s the only thing – other than the Bible – that should lead to believing.

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Atomism is Just a Theory
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Atomism is Just a Theory
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Atomism is Just a Theory

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