Christianity at the Movies

Christianity at the Movies March 4, 2014

Aronofsky’s Noah might be good.

Son of God, a made-for-TV movie about Jesus that is somehow in theaters – actually a made-from-TV movie since it’s partially composed of clips from the History Channel’s Bible special – is certainly bad. Our neighbor David Henson has a live-tweet review. First Henson, an Episcopalian priest, has to conform to stereotype fortify himself:

His review hits all the high points: racism, weird theology and the insertion of Mary into scenes where she shouldn’t appear to grab more screentime for producer/actress Roma Downey. Hansen’s verdict? “It’s a good reminder that Christianity doesn’t have sacred cows. Just cash cows.” His full review and storified tweets are worth a read.

But by far and away the worst Christian movie coming down the pipe seems to be a lighthearted romp called “Persecuted.” I’ll give you one guess as to what it’s about:

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