Ready to explore the Dark Dungeons?

Ready to explore the Dark Dungeons? March 21, 2014

It looks like JR Ralls and crew have completed their movie adaption of Dark Dungeons, the infamous Jack Chick tract about Dungeons and Dragons. Here’s the trailer:

According to the movie website, the movie is slated for release on August 14. The Q&A on the website is a stitch. Here’s my favorite:

How people have committed suicide due to RPGs?

The American Association of Suicidology has concluded that RPGs don’t play a role in suicide, and the Association of Gifted-Creative Children of California did a survey of all psychological autopsies of adolescent suicides and could not find a single one that was linked to RPGs. However, that DOES NOT mean that it doesn’t happen. For all we know, BIG-GAMING may just be very good at covering them up.

Having helped to run a convention and experienced the diffuse and chaotic world of gaming companies, the idea of BIG-GAMING makes me laugh. Although is does sound a bit like the predictions that some of my friends made when Wizards of the Coast bought out TSR.

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