All Cycles Come to an End

All Cycles Come to an End April 14, 2014

It’s been a smidge over five years since I first posted at Unreasonable Faith. It starked as a lark. I’m not sure how it stretched on for half a decade.

In those five years I completed a masters degree and generally scrounged for work in the public history field. I’ve worked as a contractor for several museums now, and just recently I’ve found myself serving multiple institutions at once. I’m sure the drain on me has been observed in my writings.

All that is starting to pay off for my career, but it comes at an increasing price on my time and energy. I had hoped and hung on because I believed things would simplify, but they insist on getting more complicated. I’m now taking on new levels of responsibility and more hours. All good for my career, but not so good for hobbies like blogging.

So I’m going to have to bring the cycle to a close. It’s been an enriching five years but it’s time to move on. I’d like to thank all the wonderful commenters who have helped shape my writing over the years. This blog has helped me improve as a writer and a thinker, and I am grateful to everyone who contributed along the way.

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