Catholic School Student Arrested for having Catholic Beliefs.

Catholic School Student Arrested for having Catholic Beliefs. May 28, 2023

Centuries ago, Queen Mary Tudor, also known as Bloody Mary, had many people arrested and burned for not believing in England’s preferred religion of Catholicism. America’s origin was largely rooted in the desire to live in a country where people are free from religious persecution. In modern society, historically we have worked tirelessly to ensure religious fairness in the workplace and in academia. By way of equal opportunity laws, no one should be discriminated against in these environments for their personal religious beliefs. However, as we have entered an era of madness, where people were once persecuted for not partaking in the commonly accepted religions, they are now persecuted for the opposite.

In Canada, a young student at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School, Josh Alexander, was arrested for stating that men and women are different from one another. Josh was barred from school for saying that God created two genders. He was simply stating what he believed, which is supposed to be the individual’s right. Given that this happened at a Catholic School the situation is very shocking as Catholics also largely believe in two genders. Josh showed up to school the day after a heated class debate about gender. He was immediately approached by the vice principal and then arrested by police. He did not agree with the school’s decision to suspend him and was even more shocked by his subsequent arrest.

The Exhausting Gender Debate.

The conversation of gender came up between Josh and other students. A debate originated when students were arguing about men using the women’s bathrooms. Josh naturally expressed his views and was then ridiculed by other students and faculty. Specifically, Josh was trying to convey that he did not believe a man could simply switch genders and then decide to use the female bathroom. What’s worse is that the conversation happened over a class discussion in which everyone was free to voice their opinions. The teacher in the class even encouraged the students to express their views. Thus, opinions in this school are encouraged as long as they are the preferred ones.

When he was arrested, he complied and went quietly with law enforcement. He continued to insist that he was not a threat of any sort to the school. He will not be able to return to the school for the remainder of the school year. However, Josh is not giving up on his beliefs or his high school education. He intends to continue high school elsewhere, and with the help of various advocacy groups he plans to continue fighting the unfair charges he received. Josh has legal representation to help him receive justice for this atrocity.

We are living in an unbelievably discriminating era. If you are a Christian in today’s society, you may not get hired for a job. Or in josh’s case you may be isolated at school or even expelled. People in power are abusing their positions to ensure everyone thinks the same. It is a societal regression, and we are fed up.

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