Anti-racism is essential for social change movements

Anti-racism is essential for social change movements June 9, 2015

From criminal justice majors at a university in Iowa, to Unitarian Universalist youth groups from North Carolina and Maine, to high school students from an exclusive private school in New York, my colleagues and I have had a seemingly never ending dialogue about systemic racism with hundreds of dear soul lights traveling to New Orleans for service this year.  On Saturday, June 13th, we will continue the conversation locally at the Gillespie Memorial Community Breakfast, where scores of social justice advocated have gathered to “break bread and make common cause” since 1983.

In a country build on stolen land with stolen bodies, we have to talk about systemic oppression, we have to talk about how to be and become anti-racist organizers and families and workers.  We have to because almost every justice movement in this nation breaks down around unaddressed issues of white supremacy.  Tired of talking about oppression?  Take a nap.  Then wake up and come back to the conversation.

This thing that has been done to all of us dehumanizes all of us.  And all of us – especially white people – have to figure out how to undo what has been done to us.  If you want to work for justice on this planet, pick up the thread of systemic racial oppression and see how deeply it is woven in the pattern of every movement in this nation.

Please bring an anti-racist, anti-oppressive lens to your work, whether you are building community gardens or organizing against the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Justice without an analysis often causes more harm than good.  Friends, lean into the learning.  We are all in this together.  We are all in this together.

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