Naomi King

Video Meditations
New Blessings
Creating Refuge
Heart Adventure: Meditation
Meditation for Grief
Open the Heart to Wonder: Meditation
Sheltering Hope: Meditation

1- Minute Spirit Video Series
Choosing Acceptance
Meet the Holy
Spiritual Pitstops

5-Minute Spirit Series
Courage to Change
Heaven Is Yeasty
Pausing for Breath (Breath Meditation)
Revelation is Not Sealed (First Stone of Liberal Religion)

Other Videos
Am I Growing Spiritually?
Time for Spiritual Practice
Every One Is Gifted
Introduction to Prayer
Authentic (Not Consumer) Faith
Intro to Five Smooth Stones Liberal Religion


Meg Riley

In January 2009, thirty-two leading Unitarian Universalist (UU) theologians, ministers, and activists gathered to reflect on how might congregations be beacons of UU values for the larger world. How do we understand suffering, oppression, injustice in the light of our faith?

Out of those conversations came A People So Bold, a DVD and online curriculum materials designed for congregational use as well as individual viewing and reflection.

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Members of the SSL Community, including a number of UU Congregations and Ministers, have continued to speak out for an end to anti-gay bullying and harassment.  Check out how we are making a difference!

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