Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor April 5, 2016

Louisiana is the most incarcerated place in the world. Let’s truly sit with that for a moment.

And then, dear friends, let’s do something about it. We know that we do not deserve to spend our precious lives in prison – either as prisoners or as jailers.

Let’s choose to stop trying children as adults. Today is the day to #RaiseTheAge.

Let’s stop retrying adults who were incarcerated as children due to police coercion. Today is the day to end prosecution of Jerome Morgan and many others who have already been locked away for decades for crimes they did not commit.

Beloveds, we have the power to make the first sentence of this letter a lie. We do not have to be the most incarcerated people in the world. Today is the day to choose freedom for ourselves, our neighbors, and for the next generation.

Rev. Deanna Vandiver
Greater New Orleans Unitarian Universalists


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