Birth Control and the Environment

Birth Control and the Environment July 15, 2007

In the essay, Called to be Mediators Between God and Creation, I wrote that our sins have an effect on the environment, and it is quite possible to read the environmental crisis facing us today as being built up by the sins of the world. As I wrote, “Placed upon the earth to be mediators between God and the rest of creation, our sins sully not only ourselves but our ward as well. Indeed, at several points in Scripture, we find that moral disorder creates chaos; sin, at the root of human suffering, plays a major part in natural disasters.”

Today, I read an interesting article, Contracepting the Environment — Birth-Control Poisoning of Streams Leave U.S. Environmentalists Mum.

It is a stark confirmation of what I wrote above. Our culture of death, which manifests itself in many forms, is indeed destroying the environment. Our sins are indeed pilling up, and affecting the world we live in. It’s time we as a society reconsider our ways before it is too late.

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