Hike for Life in DFW, TX

Hike for Life in DFW, TX September 24, 2007

My girlfriend asked me to post this to spread the word. She and her sister are trying to get more people out for their local Hike for Life. Here is what she said:

So last year my lil sis and I did the walk for life and were shocked to see the turn out- maybe 25 people, and as far as I could tell there were maybe 5 individuals under the age of 45 there, including sis and I. So we vowed that the following year we would get the numbers up. Well, guess what, it is that time again, and I have done nothing. My little sister has however been a bit more proactive about it and she has set up a site- the attached link and she is spreading the word among the younger crowd. I know that you have a pretty broad reach and even if your readers are not in the DFW area I want to encourage them to check out their local walk for life this year. And to all DFW individuals, young and old, please come join us for the walk this year, and prove that there are many individuals that do care about life!

Here is the site: HikeforLifeTexas.org

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