Enough Said

Enough Said April 18, 2008

Neither of these posts will get as wide of a reading as they deserve.  From the first:

However, as so often happens, certain elements seem determined to greet it with snottiness and mockery. That doesn’t reflect well on their own faithfulness, nor on their sense of decorum. Far too many, in the Catholic segment of cyberspace, refuse to accept the fact that their own personal preferences are not binding on the Church.
Once and for all, the United States is a multicultural nation. It always has been. In case you didn’t notice, the Holy Father has been pointing out that very multiculturalism as something to value and respect. Multiculturalism is not a dirty word, save to a few racist boors who are now showing their true colors.

From the second:

“It’s all about ME!”
That’s the opinion of so many Catholic bloggers. Never mind the miracle of the Eucharist. Never mind the Holy Father. Never mind the great national renewal I believe is about to start, as a direct result of the Holy Father’s visit. That’s not what these people want. They don’t want renewal. It’d give them less opportunity for their favorite activity, complaining.
The extent of my comments on this whole sordid business is this wasn’t a parish mass.  While I don’t care for outdoor masses or masses that require a jumbotron, I can accept the reasons why it was done and don’t attribute malice to the choices.  In fact I think the choices were an expression of love.  Everything can always be done better.

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