Pope Benedict XVI’s address to the UN

Pope Benedict XVI’s address to the UN April 18, 2008

Delivered in both French and English, the Holy Father discussed:

  • Global development and equitable distribution, especially in Africa and developing nations (French portion)
  • Violations against the order of creation and respect for the environment (French portion)
  • Call to recognize and uphold the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (French and English portions)
  • The human person as foundation of social order (French portion)
  • Human rights as expression of justice not mere will of legislating body (English portion)
  • Religious freedom, inter-religious dialogue facilitated by international organizations and the pursuit of truth, rights and reconciliation (English portion)
  • The importance and function of the UN in our contemporary times (English)

Full text can be found here. Analysis, here and on other blogs, to come!

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