Vox Nova At the Movies: Strike

Vox Nova At the Movies: Strike June 12, 2008

On a whim, I ordered this fictionalized Polish movie about a woman who was the inspiration for the Polish Solidarity Movement.  I had always associated Lech Walesa with Solidarity, so imagine my surprise that there was a “mother” to the movement and her name is Agnieszka, a single mother who worked in the historic Lenin Shipyards and was known for standing up for workers’ rights.

This movie is outstanding.  She is truly a heroic Polish woman and a heroic Catholic woman, called the Saint of the Workers.  I cried with her when Pope John Paul II was named Pope.  I winced with her as she was tortured and beaten up for standing up against the STATE and Oppression.

It was the dismissal of Agnieszka from her job that inspired the whole country to strike as an act of Solidarity with her.  And when Lech Walsea accepted a deal from the Government for just their shipyard, it was Agnieszka who grabs the microphone and tells the shipyard that if their shipyard accepts the deal, other shipyards will suffer the consequences.  She tells them that they have to stand together united to make change for everyone!  And they listen to her and Lech Walsea listens to her.  Their Solidarity Movement would defeat Communism by peaceful means.

If you don’t know who Agnieszka–a heroic single mother, fighter for justice, solid Catholic mama is–you should!  Rent it today!

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