Reconciliation July 2, 2008

The priests of the Transalpine Redemptorists have been regularized.  They are directly crediting the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum in aiding their reconciliation.  Their offical website is here.


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17 responses to “Reconciliation”

  1. It is indeeda blessing. I think the Summurum Pontificum besides reconciling elements of the Church is perhaps the foundtion for greater Ecumencial action that is already showing great benefits

  2. Ah yes, SSPX. It’s always nice to have more antisemites and conspiracy theorists. “Judeo-Masonic conspiracy” just rolls off the tongue. Also, it’s not fair that only Islam gets to have burqas. Nothing says good Catholic like a Little House on the Prairie outfit – for Mom and her 26 daughters. As it happens, the Mormon polygamy sect is now selling their lovely dresses. If they’re smart, they’ll buy adspace in “The Remnant” and “New Oxford Review”.

    The TLM group (and I do love the TLM for its own sake, you know, without being batsh*t crazy) in San Diego had a few Catholic Amish, too. The ‘ethnic’ folks there were normal. Leave it to whitey to exude the ‘anti-modernist’ spirit. The people in charge were offered a regular Mass at a parish. They rejected it because it bordered on Hillcrest, the gay (and spiffy) part of town.

    Having dealt with and banned SSPX people on my old blog (of course, not all are vile/insane), I wonder why anyone would want them back. One of their bishops, Richard Williamson, endorsed the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. To quote myself, “Sure he seems normal, until he asks you, “Are you a Jew, sugartits ?”

    Guilt, shame, a feeling of sinfulness, we don’t have enough of that in today’s Church. By any means, more of it, please ! Nothing says Catholic like telling lil Jimmy he’ll go to hell if he masturbates. Sure, they have a lot of kids, which ought to make therapists happy – a stern religious upbringing is money in the bank of the therapist.

    Oh, it’s reaction time, baby! With almost everyone except dyed-in-the-wool conservatives being turned off from becoming priests, enjoy. (Btw – mandatory celibacy – hah! what an ex-post forgery) Heck, maybe we’ll get penitentials back. Nothing draws the scrupulous to the confessional like being asked, “Did you have sex with your wife during menstruation ?” (yes, this used to be a question).

    Then again, the ‘We make Attila the Hun look liberal” approach is the one that makes for a successful religion. Once they become tolerant, people don’t show up anymore (See also: England, Church of). Cake or death ? Cake, please. Of course, the vast majority of people (well, except for the USA and third world countries) doesn’t buy into the fire-cum-brimstone control mechanism anymore. Thus, as Benedict has realized, you have to go for a small and motivated bunch of totally obedient people. Sure, you have a lot of cultural Catholics who neither know nor care about the more peculiar rules, but someone’s gotta pay the (abuse) bills after all.

    It all started in the 80s, when JP II appointed quite a few ‘orthodox’ bishops who otherwise were of dubious character. Vienna had a beloved archbishop, Franz Cardinal Koenig, a pretty liberal, gregarious man. He’d be slammed in St. Blogs, heck I would have slammed him a year ago (aka pre-meds era). When he retired, JP II brought on the biggest freak ever, Hermann Cardinal Groer. If you know the old pedophile on Family Guy, that’s him. An unusual talent for creeping people out – and leaving the church in droves. A member of Legio Mariae, his retirement came early when (homo)sex(ual) abuse stories came back to haunt him. Cardinal Schoenborn is his successor.

    The success of creepy organizations like Opus Dei and LC alone should make one worry. Tighten that thigh band, tighten it! Must not have impure thoughts ! Instead, let’s all get this cool haircut. The founder loved boys with a neat part. Loved them sooo much. And they loved him. Would bend over backwards for him.

    It is rather sad that the church cannot see that it’s creating its own pervert problem. When you exclude married men, you’re prone to get a lot of men who are awkward around women and closeted gay guys with the emotional maturity of 12 year olds (the most prone for the occasional restroom visit). And all that due to a Gnostic-stoic influenced hostility for marriage and sex – something the earliest Christians still fought against.

    I’m telling you, people, I’ve been pushed so far I’ll take Bp. Gumbleton over those reactionaries anytime. Not that I’m a fan now, but to give you an idea. Why normal people can’t throw out the whole freak show, I don’t know – well, I guess the crazies care more.

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  3. Gerald,

    Judeo-Masonic consipiracy

    Sorry, the Popes from the 18th century until present day already discussed this. It’s not a “theory”.

  4. How do y’all stomach this dude? Is this what a free exchange of ideas is all about? The rantings of a …

    Do you receive communion Gerald?

  5. Attila the Hun was a liberal– he was interested in changing government, redistributing wealth, economic control, acquisition and exercise of power over others, taking other people’s wealth by force, and the overall destruction of western civilization.

    In all seriousness, GA, you’re starting to sound a bit unhinged. Your thoughts are not as coherent as they once were, you make statements that don’t logically follow from each other, critical thinking seems to be lacking, and so on. Elsewhere you mentioned being placed on medication for OCD, perhaps you should consider getting off the medication?