There Shall Be No Dissent or Decorum

There Shall Be No Dissent or Decorum July 30, 2008

Various items from named contributors (as opposed to users, a list of about 20 people) from RedState:

It may not be November yet, but our boy Barry isn’t wasting any time acting as if here were already our next President and he’s out there doing the Lord’s work of healing America.

An interesting category for posts: Like Jesus But Cooler

Sorry – a la “The Exorcist” – that’s all that ran through my head as I listened to the Obamessiah give his sermon at a place that once enjoyed a similar spectacle when Hitler addressed his OWN zealots…and we all know how well THAT worked out, don’t we?

Pointing out the childishness of this nonnsense resulted in my being banned there.  It’s just as well.  I no longer swim in the Republican pool due to how polluted it has become, and RedState isn’t recognizable as a pool anymore.  It is just a place for a bunch foul mouthed children with illusions of grandeur.

Update: Eric Erickson of RedState offers amateur psychoanalysis here for those interested.

Oh fine.  I’ll open comments.

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