Extended Commentary on L’Affaire Pelosi

Extended Commentary on L’Affaire Pelosi August 27, 2008

A laywoman attempted to justify an abominable position condemned by council, encyclical, the bishops collectively, contemporary and past Pontiffs, and expressly by liasons with the government.  She was rebuked by name by President of the USCCB, Chair of the USCCB Pro-Life Activities Committee, the Archbishop of Washington, and the Archbishop of New York, and others.  Her ordinary, the Archbishop of San Francisco, will be forthcoming with an extended commentary – most likely much different than my own commentary – in his upcoming diocesean newspaper column.

While we have and do sometimes cover current events here, this is not predominantly a current events site.  There was for example no commentary here on WYD.  Other sites focus on current events, and that is fine and good.  We aren’t them.  While newsworthy, L’Affair Pelosi is most remarkable for its amateurness and doesn’t – at least in my opinion, others may find otherwise – offer too many angles for commentary.  I believe the typical reader of Vox Nova already knows that there is no debate and has been no debate in the Church over the permissibility of abortion.

Update: It has occured to me that much of the reaction is directly proportional to the level of disdain the various authors feel toward the bishops.  A lay person being rebuked by name is certainly noteworthy, and one can certainly understand the news sites discussing it.  The way some people talk though, you would swear that they believe all the condemnations the bishops have given on abortion were window dressing.  People are almost acting shocked that the bishops actually believe abortion to be evil.

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