Things I’ve Learned This Election

Things I’ve Learned This Election October 30, 2008

1)  One can have a 2-week long media scandal about your Christian preacher and still have a significant portion of the population believe you are a Muslim.
2)  Having an out-of-wedlock birth is statement against abortion unless you are black or hispanic in which case it is just evidence of cultural disintegration.
3)  Unlicensed plumbers should be foremost concerned with how they will have to make difficult choices once they are taxed on their income exceeding $250,000 per year.

4)  Russia is plotting to take over Alaska and would have taken it over were it not for the valliant defense of the Alaskan Air National Guard.
5)  One is middle class or a Regular Joe if they make over 6 times the poverty level for a family of four. ($17,500)
6)  It is possible to spend $150,000 for clothes without being a commercial buyer.
7)  Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson are hardball, no nonsense interviewers.
8)  Asking what someone’s favorite magazines are is a form of gotcha journalism.
9)  The poor can bring bankers to their knees and force them to make loans with interest rates that can adjust to over 10%.
10)  The sum total of one’s commitment to fighting for the unborn is measured by whether one votes against Obama.

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