Obama brings it

Obama brings it January 24, 2009

Rick rollin’ it executive style:

At least Bush isn’t tone deaf:

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  • I’m still amazed at that “Sunday Bloody Sunday.”

  • I still think W can dance better than O does!

    peace to all

  • Sarsfield

    Quite a guy! I hear they’re boogeying in Afghanistan too where President Obama’s troops just killed 18 civilians. Dancing in the streets of Gaza too where the folks just know that, any year now, he’ll denounce the Israeli mass murder of civilians.

    I mean it’s nice that he (sort of) closed Gitmo, and nice too that he (sort of, with loopholes big enough to push a waterboard through) ended torture, but there’s no “sort of” about his ending the Mexico City Policy. I am so embarrassed that I followed the advice of somebody on this blog and sent Obama an email on Wednesday thanking him for not rescinding it that day. I won’t get fooled again, as the song says.

    “How many deaths of other people’s children are we willing to accept in order that we may be free, affluent, and (supposedly) at peace? Please. No children. Don’t kill any children for my benefit.”
    —Wendell Berry

  • I think people here are committed to working for just ends to all threats against human life(from conception to natural death) however this post was marked humor: that means it was posted to be light and jovial. Maybe you missed that tag or just chose to ignore it. But take it for what it is worth and join in the lively dialog that is happening on other posts, this one is just humor.

    peace to all