Mexico City? Try Gaza Instead…

Mexico City? Try Gaza Instead… January 24, 2009

So, on cue, Obama repeals the ban on US funds (largely through USAID) being used to support foreign entities that either provide abortion of provide counselling about abortion. And, on cue, the usual suspects who told us that voting for Obama was a mortal sin are now in their “I-told-you-so” mode. Sigh. MZ says it best: this policy will have scant effect on abortion rates, and yet the cultural warriors will gleefully raise this trivial issue as their standard. This tactics, combined with the typical inconsistency of those who espouse them, will only act as a roadbloock against true conversion on this issue.

Inconsistency? Indeed. Obama, like every other ruler with authority over a powerful and offensive military, by his executive actions, flirts with evil every day of the week. And yet we conveniently toss this out the window and make mountains of trifles instead? Let’s take a pertinent example. When it comes to foreign aid, the biggest beneficiary by far is the stateof Israel, and most of that “aid” is of  a military nature. In other words, the brutal bombing of civilian centers in Gaza by the Israeli military, combined with a ban on humanitarian aid, can be traced directly to funds coming from the United States. Remember, the Red Cross concluded that Israel “failed to meet its obligation under international humanitarian law.” And the United States is funding it. This is a grave scandal, far worse than the piddling amounts sent to abortion providers and counselors. And yet, nobody is talking about this, are they? Funny, that…

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