PrayTell: New liturgy blog

PrayTell: New liturgy blog January 9, 2010

PrayTell is a new blog on liturgy and worship sponsored by Liturgical Press:

Welcome to Pray Tell, a blog gives practical wisdom about prayer, sacraments, and the community of the faithful – in short, worship. Created especially for pastors, liturgists, musicians, and scholars, Pray Tell is informal, conversational, even humorous, but also – we hope – always well-informed and intellectually grounded.

They have some pretty fantastic contributors including Anthony Ruff, Michael Joncas, Susan Wood, and Teresa Berger. I’m looking forward to seeing the blog develop.

And, man, their comment policy is ways more hard core than ours. But I guess they do cover liturgy while we only cover politics! 😉

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  • brettsalkeld

    At the risk of telling the joke that everyone has heard . . .

    What’s the difference between a terrorist and a liturgist?

    You can negotiate with a terrorist.

  • Maria

    LOL LOL LOL. Terrific.

  • Dim Bulb

    You can’t negotiate with a liturgical terrorist, no matter how much they insist on dialogue.