Orwell, You Were 16 Years Off

Orwell, You Were 16 Years Off January 26, 2010

Big Brother Bush. He was watching over us. Protecting us. Doing whatever was needed to keep us safe.

And now his advocacy of the culture of death has given him a pro-life award! As reported by LifesiteNews:

Jannuary 7, 2010 ( – Legatus, a membership organization for Catholic business leaders, will present President George W. Bush with its prestigious Cardinal John J. O’Connor Pro-Life Award at its annual Summit, Feb. 4-6, in Dana Point, Calif. Previous recipients of the award include Fr. Frank Pavone (Priests for Life), Fr. Thomas Euteneuer (Human Life International), Judie Brown (American Life League), Sen. Rick Santorum, Sen. Sam Brownback, and Rep. Henry Hyde.

This is absurd. G.W. Bush was the same president who boasted he was the first president to encourage and actually finance embryonic stem cell research! Here are his own words from 2004 (as found on :

BUSH: Embryonic stem cell research requires the destruction of life. I’m the first president ever to allow federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. I did so because I, too, hope that we’ll discover cures from the stem cells.

This is the same president who has followed the culture of death in its degradation of the human person by giving his approval of torture. This is the same president who has entered us into unjust wars and used every kind of manipulation possible to convince the public of the need for such an aggressive stance.

Pro-life? And white is black and war is peace!

Will we see an outcry against this award like we did when President Obama spoke at Notre Dame? I think not. Prove me wrong.

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