On hiatus

On hiatus April 19, 2010

Dear readers,

This has been a long time coming, but after much reflection I have decided to take an extended and perhaps permanent hiatus from blogging here at Vox Nova. As one of the blog’s founding members, it is difficult to step away from the project, especially after working with such great co-contributors over the last three years. I am quite happy with the work we’ve done, and I am honored to have been part of the blog for so long. But for a number of reasons I feel that now would be a good time to stop. My reasons for “blogging” are shifting. Other projects and parts of my life require more and more attention. And I feel I’ve kind of “said my piece” here over the years, suggesting elements of a politically radical Catholicism in the context of an idolatrous and crumbling nation, but I feel that in some ways my time here has run its course.

I am not leaving the “blogging world” entirely, only withdrawing from certain circles and conversations. I hope and plan to keep in close contact with the friends I have made through this online community. And I will likely continue to comment here from time to time.

For those who would like to continue following my work, you can keep up with me at my personal blog CatholicAnarchy.org and at the Rock and Theology project. The former might be undergoing some changes in the near future as well, so please stay tuned. And of course I am always open to new opportunities and projects, so please get in touch if you have any thoughts.

Thanks to all for the valuable conversations, encouragement, and challenges I have experienced here. Special thanks to Vox Nova bloggers past and present for putting up with me. Keep up the good work.


“No one can kill the voice of justice.” – Archbishop Oscar Romero
“Whoever is not angry when there is cause for anger, sins!” – St. John Chrysostom

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15 responses to “On hiatus”

  1. Blessing to you and your projects, Michael. You’ll be missed. As Henry notes, you have a home here, and I likewise hope the hiatus is only temporary.

  2. […]

    I was looking forward to reading the article about the US military you’ve been talking about; will that end up at the personal blog or will it never see the “light” of the Catholic blogosphere?

  3. I would appreciate that. I think you have my email (If not there’s plenty of places to find it); though if you post it on your blog I’ll see that.

    Take care of that baby and God Bless!

  4. Michael, I wish you wouldn’t leave. It doesn’t seem the right time to leave: are you leaving because of discouragement over what’s going on now in the Church?

  5. digbydolben,

    are you leaving because of discouragement over what’s going on now in the Church?

    No not really, although what is going on in the church is contributing to another intensification of Catholic blogosphere nastiness and triumphalism, at least in certain circles. And that nastiness is indeed part of the reason I’m taking a break. The margins are looking mighty nice in all sorts of ways right now. I’ll likely still comment here sometimes. And who knows, I could be back before you know it. Thanks for your concern, though, and thanks for your great comments.

  6. I will miss your writings, Michael! But I think you’ll find your hiatus very fruitful, and look forward to hearing about how it goes some day.

  7. Be honest with us Michael, you’ve been asked to be a permanent contributor to American Catholic and are heading off to greener pastures! 🙂

    Best of luck with your work.