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Quote of the Day May 25, 2010

“One factor [behind the abuse crisis] was a poor understanding and communication of the Church’s teaching on sexuality, shown particularly in a rigorist attitude to the body and sexuality.  This was mediated in part through the formative influence of Irish Catholicism in the life of the Church in Australia.  We owe the Irish an immense debt of gratitude for what they have given us, but for complex historical reasons the Church in Ireland was prey to the rigorist influence that passed from the Continent to Ireland – often under the name of Jansenism – and found fertile soil there.  It then passed into the Irish diaspora of which Australia was part.  This rigorist influence led to an implicit denial of the Incarnation, which had people thinking they had to deny their humanity to find their way to the divinity.  The irony of this is that the Incarnation stands at the very heart of the Catholic sense of a sacramental universe.  Jansenism grew from Catholic soil, though it was tinged with Calvinism too.  But there was nothing incarnational about Jansenism, and the Catholic Church rejected it, even if its influence has been hard to erase, with traces remaining still.  Catholic teaching on sexuality offers deep insights and rich resources which we will need to explore in new ways as we seek to deal with the current crisis.”

— Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Canberra and Goulburn.

Read the whole lying. Along with Diarmuid Martin, this prelate also seems to get it.

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