Why We Should Stop Street Repair Now!

Why We Should Stop Street Repair Now! July 15, 2010

Our streets are a national disaster. The potholes in them are leading to great catastrophes. They need to be repaired, and people are taking this seriously. We can see that 2.8 billion is being used in the 2011 Budget of the United States Department of Transportation for “state of good repair” for our “transit infrastructure.”

But with our present administration, this can’t be good. If you look behind the scenes, it should be obvious that such “state of good repair”  was put in to help the abortion lobby. What, you don’t believe it? Well, read on!

All streets lead to an abortion clinic. Repairing streets is just an underhanded way to make sure we can have more abortions in our country. Notice, no one is closing off those streets which directly lead to the clinics. Anyone who supports street repair supports abortion.

Where does your congressman stand on this budget? Ask him. If he is Catholic and supports it, perhaps you should petition for his excommunication. After all, he supports the use of federal funds to help abortion clinics get people in to them for abortion.

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