“The Bear That Lived in a Tree”: A story by my sons

“The Bear That Lived in a Tree”: A story by my sons July 19, 2011

This is a guest post of sorts. My older son likes to make-up stories and his brother often chimes in. Here is one written today. It is entitled “The Bear That Lived in a Tree.”

The Bear That Lived in a Tree

(By Tomas and Gabriel Rocha, ages 5 and 3.)

Once upon a time, there was a bear that ate plants. The bear also ate meat. He even liked eggs. He loved salami!

One day, he was at the park, playing tag and jump-rope with his friends, Meerkat and Otter. All of a sudden a big robot that looked like Tomas came and stole the jump-rope. The Meerkat, Otter, and Bear ran and got the jump-rope from the robot and threw rocks until he went away and broke. A whale also appeared and splooshed the park with water and they played in it until it was time to go home.

The end.

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  • brettsalkeld


    This sounds just about right. (My boys are “four-and-a-half” and “almost-three.”)

  • If my youngest son (age 5) were a cowriter, there would be a pirate featured prominently, maybe an entire pirate ship, & probably a few large snakes. And a bunch of guns. They try to keep us young, don’t they?

  • ((Sigh)) That’s the good stuff, Sam. Savor every silly story because it really does go by so fast. Ah, shit. Now I’m weepy. Gotta go.