On Blog Awards

On Blog Awards August 17, 2011

One of the worst things on the blogosphere is the self-congratulatory tone many bloggers have for themselves and for each other. They start creating awards to hand out to each other. They act like they have done something great if a friend creates an award and gives it to them. They act like they are the height of good judgment when they make an award and then give it out to a friend.

There seems to be more and more “blog” awards being created than there are awards being made and given out by acting guilds. The absurdity of such awards should be self-evident.

For those who receive them, and praise themselves about it, they have earned their own reward. For those who create them, and praise themselves for being so great in creating an award, they have also earned their reward. No one should mistake these awards as holding any objectivity. No one should mistake these awards as being anything but temptations for sin.

When people without authority, without knowledge of theology or history, without common sense, start making declarations of what is “the best Catholic blogs” out there, you better be weary. Ask yourself the question: what is their true motive? What is it they are trying to do? The answer to this should be obvious.

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