Prayer For A Brother In Peril

Prayer For A Brother In Peril September 28, 2011

Its easy for Americans to forget that there are places in the world where the Body of Christ still bleeds for the sake of the Name. Such a place is the Islamic Republic of Iran, where tonight a Christian pastor, Youcef Nadarkhani, is facing imminent execution for refusing to renounce Jesus Christ. Nadarkhani has been convicted of apostasy from Islam, a crime punishable by death. Nadarkhani claims he was never Muslim (as if that should matter) and therefore couldn’t apostasize. But Iran’s Supreme Court has rejected that argument, noting that Nadarkhani indisputably comes from a Muslim family. His final appeal having been denied, Nadarkhani could be hanged as early as tomorrow.

Lord, come to the aid of your servant, our brother Youcef. Soften the hearts of his accusers. Enlighten the minds of those who sit in judgment of him. Stay the hands of his executioners. Give him the courage and peace he needs to face the ordeal; and should it come, welcome our brother into the company of saints and martyrs in your eternal kingdom. Amen.

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  • Peter Paul Fuchs

    Sadly, that government is given over to the thrall of the most wretched fanaticism. It always increases and gets more paranoid, till there is something to stop it. It never ceases to amaze me how the beliefs of others are considered a threat to anyone. Humans beings are no prize, that is for sure.

  • Kyrie Eleison

  • Anne

    Iran’s fanaticism is as much a tragedy for Islam as it is for Christians and others trapped in its thrall. What sort of God, after all, would demand the death of those who don’t believe his prophet? If we’re honest, we have to admit Islam is not the only faith that has claimed a God who would do just that. Mosaic law demanded death for apostates, as did most of Christendom at one time or another.

    Iran’s fanaticism consists of requiring moderns to see Allah the Merciful and Compassionate through the eyes of Bronze-age people who believed wars and natural disasters were the result of God’s anger at sinners and unbelievers. To let apostasy go unpunished was to risk all that. But how many modern Iranians really believe in a God who’d do that? I doubt very many. How is such a God reconcilable with Allah the Compassionate? Even those who carry out the ancient punishments are probably doing it on principle only, because “it is written.” Such is fanaticism…an insult to God as much as a tragedy for everyone else.

  • Prayers for Youcef.

  • Prayers, indeed – and not only for him, but that his example may convert us.