What’s up with Mary Ann Glendon?

What’s up with Mary Ann Glendon? January 13, 2012

In a recent ad for Mitt Romney, Mary Ann Glendon says the following: “Mitt Romney should be welcomed as a great success story for the pro-life movement”.

Any evidence, Mary Ann? Of course, many defenders of Romney tout his conversion to the pro-life cause. And indeed, conversion is great. We love it! But in his only real post-conversion chance to prove himself – on his health care law – Romney fell flat. In fact, if you compare the Romney and Obama health care plans, if you go down the list, you will see clearly that the only real difference is that Romney covered abortion and Obama did not. And as my friend Michael Sean Winters has pointed out, Romney also gave Planned Parenthood a seat on a health care advisory board.

By Glendon’s twisted standard, if Romney is a “great success” for the pro-life movement, then Obama must be a real “pro-life hero”. And yet even a brainwashed true believer like me would never say something so stupid!

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  • Something is pretty fishy here. When a former US Ambassador to the Holy See goes on record in support of a political candidate, for whatever reason, I seriously wonder when this particular statement was made. And what kind of diplomacy is this?

    Culture wars and polarization in America are heating up big time, it seems, triggered by the imminent presidential election. It is all so tragic.

    From a Canadian neighbour’s point of view, I worry about another civil war erupting south of our common border, once called the world’s longest undefended border. Well, post 9-11 reality is definitely moving towards enhanced security & militarization of both nations, supposedly to guard against enemy threats from outside our fortress North America. However, this antipathy & animosity in politics and religion makes it seem that the enemy lurks within our borders – at least as dangerous as anything that arrives here from offshore.

    Fishy indeed.

  • John Henry

    Well, at any rate, it’s great to hear concern about a pro-abortion record from MM! Romney’s conversion on pro-life matters (resisting urge to put scare quotes around conversion) – as with many of his current political opinions – is likely a matter of political expediency more than anything else.

    As for ‘evidence’, however, Glendon cited the following:

    “Governor Romney showed great political courage and expended much of his political capital in supporting pro-life measures when he was here in Massachusetts. It was a very difficult political environment. 85 percent of the state legislature is Democrat controlled.

    Governor Romney in that environment vetoed legislation that would have permitted destructive embryonic research; he vetoed legislation that would have permitted the over the counter sale of the morning after pill; he supported abstinence education in the schools.

    Governor Romney was a great friend to the pro-life movement in Massachusetts. In a very difficult political environment, when many doors of the State House were closed to us, we always were welcomed by Governor Romney and his staff. He was a great pro-life governor and he will be a great pro-life president.”

    It’s not like this stuff is a secret, MM. If you’re going to sarcastically ask for Glendon’s support, you might, you know, look up Glendon’s comments in which she provides it.

  • He’s electable!

    Case closed, move on here, nothing to see.

  • Why would Glendon and four other former ambassadors to the Vatican join as a group to endorse Romney? What is the message there? What is it that five former ambassadors to the Vatican have in common that makes their endorsement, as a group, something more than five individual endorsements? Would a group of former ambassadors to any other country jointly endorse a presidential candidate? I don’t get it.

    • I don’t think it has been explicitly stated, although I allude to it, that Glendon joined with four other former ambassadors to the Vatican to endorse Romney:

      Washington D.C., Jan 9, 2012 / 05:22 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Five former U.S. ambassadors to the Holy See have announced their “wholehearted support” for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, whom they describe as the “best qualified” candidate for the nation’s highest office.

      “Governor Romney has the experience, vision and commitment to the common good that our country needs at this crucial moment in history,” said the former ambassadors in a letter that was released Jan. 7.

      Thomas Patrick Melady, Raymond L. Flynn, James Nicholson, Francis Rooney and Mary Ann Glendon all signed the letter, which applauded Romney for realizing “that sound economic and social policies must rest on a healthy culture.”

      The signatories, who served under presidents George H. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, agreed that Romney has shown commitment to “the values that we feel are critical in a national leader.” . . . .

      It is one thing to endorse Romney when happen to have been, among other things, an ambassador to the Vatican. It is another thing for five former ambassadors to the Vatican to get together and collectively endorse Romney.

      Including the current ambassador the the Vatican, there have only been 9. So if Romney chose to run an ad in such bad taste, he could say, “More than half of all ambassadors to the Vatican endorse Romney for president!”

      There is something questionable, in my mind, about using one’s position as a former ambassador in this manner.

  • kurt

    Romney has the potential to move the prolife momement out of the corrupt and hacked state it currently is in. That would be n achievment.

    • Matt Bowman

      Kurt I’m authentically curious to know more about your perspective on this, and not just because you seem to disagree with Minion. Are you saying that pro-lifers are being more true to their pro-life principles by backing Romney?

  • What a delight to see Morning’s Minion self-identify as a “brainwashed true believer”!

  • Jay

    This is a red herring, Obama would have got abortion in his law if not for the House.