It’s a Sin To Make Money By Lying

It’s a Sin To Make Money By Lying February 13, 2012

Every American teenage girl ought to be required to watch this. The American beauty industry’s business model is: 1. Make women hate themselves, and 2. Sell them a “solution” to “fix” the “problem.”

"If I am only now scaring you, I need to bring my A game. :-)"

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  • brettsalkeld

    When I was young, it was cool for men to have a hairy chest. My Dad never had one, and so I expected not to get one. Sometime in my mid-twenties, just as I started to develop my own little rug, it became uncool. I suspect that someone figured out that they weren’t making any money off of hairy chests, but that the could make scads of it off of waxed/lasered/plucked ones. Now hair removal places for men are popping up all over downtown Toronto. I’m growing a beard in protest.

    • Dan

      I’m growing a beard in protest.

      It’s also a sin to lie when you aren’t making money, too.

  • All salesmanship involves skilled lying–some more skilled than other. How does one “buy low, sell high” without convincing your target that what you are selling is worth more than it actually is? And how would you do that convincing without lying?

  • muldoont

    “What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons.” –Don Draper, Mad Men

  • I love it: ah-doh-bay! LOL! Awesome video.

  • Dan

    I remember being disgusted at a marketing session where the presenter was espousing the virtues of setting prices based on “perceived value”. She was extremely proud when she told the story of how she convinced a plumber located out in cabin country to triple his rates because his clients would pay it (i.e. they didn’t have any other choice). She then moved on to how a successful marketing campaign should not be judged on how much awareness was built, but rather how well it created a perceived need in its audience – whether there was an actual need or not.

    I’m convinced that most modern marketing tactics is a form of psychological violence.

  • Tim Muldoon quoting Don Draper says it all, doesn’t it?


    God help us. As a woman who has never “fit” the mold, I am grateful for what has come with age… Everything from fine lines and wrinkles to other ways in which gravity works its peculiar magic has resulted in a me I can finally love and live with. Now, my 15 year old step-daughter, that is a different story. I see her look at her ordinary thighs and shout at them, “YOU are SOOOO fat!”

    It is so sad. What have we become?

    • Fran, when my first grader has her friends over, they all frequently speak about their weight. It is HORRIBLE. But many of them merely repeat what they hear at home.

      • True enough Sofia. She does not hear that from me in our house. What she does hear is often the din of the media images that rush past her in an attractive and seductive blur… no matter how much we try to limit the amount of time with such things.

        She also hears messages, not necessarily negative, but messages that are quite different when she is at her mother’s house. Time spent is about 65/35, with the 65 here, but that is still her mom.

        It is complicated.

        I wonder and worry how these kids will have authentic relationship. What we teach them at home is foundational, but often there is so little support for that elsewhere.

  • I hear you.

    • I’ve given this a lot of thought and think about what unconscious cues are sent however… Sofia, thanks for the good food for thought.

  • Brian Martin

    As the father of a 13 year old and a 9 year old daughter, i am very concerned about the image of females portrayed in our society. Advertising everywhere portrays girls and women as sexual objects.

  • Peter Paul Fuchs

    I recommend the very funny movie from 20 years ago called “How to Get a Head in Advertising” on all these points. Hilarious, and on point.