A Fresh Look at Eucharistic Adoration

A Fresh Look at Eucharistic Adoration June 2, 2012

Although distinctly Catholic (or perhaps because of this), Eucharistic adoration can be a rather controversial practice among postconciliar Catholics.  As a professor of mine has observed, many assertions are made about why it is done, often without asking anyone who does it. 

This professor, Dr. Kimberly Belcher, is seeking to fill this gap with her current research.  She recently recruited me and a fellow graduate student to assist her in organizing a workshop for undergraduate women who practice adoration.  She has posted a summary reflection about the workshop on PrayTell.

For the six young women who attended this workshop, it seemed in my observation to be one of those delightful “oh, I’m not alone!” moments.  Their descriptions of their spiritual practices in connection with Eucharistic adoration defy easy categorization, and thus implicitly challenge certain common assumptions.  I will refrain from unpacking this statement for now and let the PrayTell post speak for itself, except to say that we were all impressed with the dynamism and maturity of these young women’s spirituality.

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