Fr. Greg Boyle’s Thought for Today

Fr. Greg Boyle’s Thought for Today June 13, 2012

Recorded at Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles earlier this morning:

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  • That is so beautifully put. Sitting here at my little desk at the rectory for almost four years has taught me that I am evangelized far more than I evangelize, that I am converted more than I would ever convert. And as with all things where God is concerned – which means ALL things – I am loved so much more than I could ever love.

    Thanks for this. Greg Boyle is one of my heroes, and I have been blessed to meet him twice in this life. What a gift.

  • Julia Smucker

    I may be preaching to the choir here, but the woman who asked if he “brings gang members to Jesus Christ” pushes my buttons. “Well, that’s all fine and good … businesses where enemies work side by side with each other …” My word, if that’s not bringing the Gospel, what is?!