Voting ‘Catholic’

Voting ‘Catholic’ October 25, 2012

An excellent summary of the principles laid out in “Faithful Citizenship” and their application to issues, not candidates. From Busted Halo, an apostolate of the Paulists. Hat tip to Fr. James Martin, SJ.

"If I am only now scaring you, I need to bring my A game. :-)"

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  • I have a prediction for you: among the “decisive” blocs of voters for Obama will be found the American Catholic electorate, and their decisions will be, collectively, an implicit rejection of the American Catholic hierarchy’s advice on “fundamental moral questions” in politics.

    What I’m wondering is: “Will this rejection be noted at the next papal conclave?” I’d suggest that it had better be, if the Vatican wishes to continue to be able to offset their dwindling European financial contributions with revenue from North America.

    Increasingly, under Pope Ratzinger and Pope Wojtylwa, these anti-intellectual careerists, conformists and “yes-men” to a fault, that have been appointed to the American hierarchy by these two reactionary popes, are rendering the Church in North America not “catholic” at all!

  • Kurt

    Not bad actually. But this well as been so poisoned, that it is best this whole enterprise be shut down.

  • Dave

    There are those who make mistakes and who accept bad arguments, and there are those who simply lie and cheat for political gain. I place the strategists of the GOP in the latter category.

    I do not agree with Obama’s opinion on abortion rights, but recognize that his only official act in this regard was to write an executive order banning government money for abortions through the affordable care act. I also recognize that policies that help people – especially women – will reduce abortions. I think Obama like many others who have good intentions, has accepted the argument that abortion is a womens choice and all about womens rights – this is a wrong judgement because it inexplicably forgots about the rights of the developing baby in the womb. The abortion issue is not as easy as many would have it be, and many people come to the wrong conclusion in trying to do the right thing for women and families. The wrong thing but with good intentions. I can give Romeny and Ryan the same benefit, coming to the wrong conclusions regards ecomomics and other social issues but with intentions that may be good.

    However, what I think the GOP machine and the extremists in the party are doing and have done in the last 4 years is outright lying, bullying, and threatening for the sole purpose of gaining power and political gain, and discrediting Obama even if it is at the expense of the many. I can’t give any benefit to this aspect of the GOP which results in government for friends and to heck with the rest.

  • Lindsay

    Thanks for sharing this video. It seems like a good, quick summary of Faithful Citizenship. It leaves me wondering how we might look beyond the presidential election, and (what the video shows as) the choice of only two candidates, to other ways to participate in public life and politics. I’m looking for ideas, so I welcome other readers thoughts.