Things I’ve Never Seen

Things I’ve Never Seen December 18, 2013

I am 51 years old, live in Berkeley, California, and went to Mass in the 1960s here, and have gone to Mass throughout the Bay Area and a lot of the rest of the US in the last 51 years in a wide variety of parishes – and I can say the following from personal, direct experience:

1. I have never seen a “clown mass” celebrated at any liturgy I’ve personally attended, nor have I heard of a specific instance in any local parish of one being celebrated.

2. I have never seen anything consecrated during Mass other than valid matter – no jelly doughnuts, no Wonder bread, nothing else but unleavened bread.

3. I have never been to a Mass that had liturgical dancers or similar theatrics

4. The last time I heard the actual song “Kumbaya” sung at a Catholic Mass was probably…I don’t know, 1968, maybe? (Speaking of which: The thing about “Kumbaya” is, it’s not really a bad entrance song – there are better ones, I guess, but there’s nothing heretical or especially problematic about it that I know of: “Someone’s singing, Lord, Kumbaya [Come by here]” – this is a threat to all that is holy?? From what I can gather, it seems to me the objection is that the hippies sang it, They’re Not On Our Team, and thus Kum Ba Yah is evil.)

5. I have never (as far as I can recall) heard a homily in which clear, unambiguous heresy was proclaimed as the truth.

Some of the above has happened I’m sure, but they can’t be anywhere near being pervasive, or I would think I would have encountered them by now.



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