How long do you kneel after communion?

How long do you kneel after communion? December 24, 2017

This is not an earth-shattering question, but I am curious:  in your parishes, how long do you kneel after communion?  I ask because my new parish here in Alabama seems to kneel an extraordinarily long time.  In my experience at other parishes, we generally all kneel until  everyone receives communion and the priest returns the sacrament to the tabernacle. Here in Tuscaloosa, we all kneel until the priest and the deacon have purified all the vessels and they have taken their seats.  This is a big parish, and since the lay ministers do not assist, it takes them a very long time to do this, and the delay is noticeable:  there is enough time to sing two long communion hymns.

Our Sunday Visitor had a column about this a few years ago, and they report that the GIRM does not prescribe any particular posture after communion.  And in Europe I have observed a number of different practices. In Naples, Italy, they are liturgical anarchists, and either sit or kneel as the individual prefers.  In one church in Madrid, Spain, after receiving communion we all sat, until the moment when the priest returned the sacrament to the tabernacle, at which moment we all knelt.

So, what is your practice?

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