January 17-24, 2021: A Week of Nonviolence for Christians

January 17-24, 2021: A Week of Nonviolence for Christians January 17, 2021

The Church of St. Timothy in Blaine, MN, in collaboration with a small group of spiritual directors and activists, has designated January 17-24 as a Week of Nonviolence for Christians. In organizing this week, they have prepared a toolkit of prayers, reflections, and action steps for us to take each day of this week that includes our national commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and legacy as well as a transition of political power in the United States of America. Please read the following message from the organizers, and click on the link below to access the toolkit:

This is a campaign to celebrate the Christian tradition of social justice, nonviolence, peace, and love. It is a weeklong invitation to reflect daily upon the Gospel call for love of enemy and the creation of a more just and fair society through nonviolent action in the public sphere. We seek to offer a life-affirming alternative to those who claim Christ but who have become allied with white nationalists employing violence.

Click on the link below to view a google doc toolkit with resources for study, prayer, reflection, and action, as well as images with quotations to be shared on social media, organizational websites, print material, etc. This is a free, open-source toolkit and we invite you to adapt what is here for your context (school/community/parish/small faith group). Please note that this was put together in less than a week, so thank you in advance for understanding that this toolkit is not as polished as it could be and it is also far from exhaustive.

You are warmly welcomed to forward this along to others who may wish to participate. If you are interested in adding to this resource, or if you are interested in collaboration/partnership to promote Christian nonviolence in some other way, please send an email to nonviolenceweek[at]gmail.com.


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