July 9, 2020

Two weeks ago Abby Johnson posted a video to YouTube and her Twitter feed in which she defended racial profiling and made an extended argument blaming the problems of the Black community on the breakdown of the Black family and on absent Black fathers.  The video was later taken down from Twitter and was made private on YouTube.  A copy was posted to YouTube, but was removed because of a copyright complaint from Abby Johnson.   However, another copy may be… Read more

June 23, 2020

Just a note to thank all of our readers for their continued presence on Vox Nova blog.  We recently received our check from Patheos, and this time we have donated the funds to Catholic Relief Services to support communities affected by the pandemic. Read more

June 21, 2020

To follow up on my post from last week containing my open letter to Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of Columbus, I want to link to a column by Fr. Peter Daly, a retired priest in Washington DC.   He writes for the National Catholic Reporter, and his anger at what the KofC did (or did not do) is palpable, leading to his very public resignation from the Knights.  Here is a sampler: I’m done! I’m done with the Knights of Columbus…. Read more

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