10 surprising truths about Jesus.

10 surprising truths about Jesus. August 20, 2016
Heinrich Hofmann, via Wikimedia Commons
Christ at 33 by Heinrich Hofmann, 1890, via Wikimedia Commons

About once a year, I’ll pick up a book about Jesus in search of fresh insights on the man and his mission. My personal preference is that these books not be tied to any specific dogma or religion, but that they explore the many mysteries and myths that surround Jesus and his life. And I found just such a book in Jesus, the Human Face of God by scholar Jay Parini.

The author identifies himself as a Christian and a regular churchgoer, but he is decidedly a man who looks beyond the Bible for answers. He has done his homework and uses Gnostic and historical texts to look at the misconceptions about Jesus, as well as uncover hidden truths. On the following pages are 10, some of which I knew but that continue to fascinate me, as well as a few others that surprised me.

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