5 Key Insights from “The Dude” on Love & Marriage.

5 Key Insights from “The Dude” on Love & Marriage. August 30, 2016

Jeff Bridges (2011) by Siebbi, via Wikimedia Commons
Jeff Bridges (2011) by Siebbi, via Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes wisdom comes from places you don’t expect to find it. For instance, a little over 3 years ago I wrote a Wake Up Call column titled “You’ll Dig These 6 Life Tips from The Dude” that featured insights from the man himself, actor Jeff Bridges, as told in his book The Dude and the Zen Master.

The Dude is a role Bridges once played in the movie The Big Lebowski. And while he may have received an Academy Award as Best Actor for Crazy Heart, it was his performance as the chillaxed stoner The Dude that really struck a chord with a lot of people. The character seemed to be an extension of Jeff himself and may be the role he is most closely associated with.

The Dude and the Zen Master showed that in reality, Bridges is a great deal wiser than the Dude, with astute views on subjects like living in the moment and trusting our gut. But perhaps most compelling  were his views on the nature of love and marriage. You see, Jeff Bridges has been married to his wife Sue Geston for 39 years, a notable feat for any marriage, but especially impressive for a “Hollywood” couple.

Bridges has some keen insights to offer on the winding road that is marriage, and if you’ve been married a long time like I have, you can probably relate to them. I’ve taken the liberty of organizing Jeff’s thoughts into a progression of five key moments of realization, because I think they accurately represent the arc of marriage, at least from my own personal perspective.

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