Why let others chart your course in life? Do it yourself

Why let others chart your course in life? Do it yourself August 8, 2018

By Lucas Favre at Unsplash

In The Benevolent Universe, The Story of Your Unique Genius by Dana Drake, the author puts forward a unique and powerful theory: Any problems we have, any issues or big life questions we may face, can all be solved by ourselves. In her words, “we are designed to know everything we wish to know,” including our purpose in life.

 It’s Drake’s belief we’ve been given all the life tools we need by a Universe that “is not only kind, it is generous, forgiving and staggeringly compassionate.” Which raises several questions, like: If the Universe has given us these tools, why don’t we intuitively know about them?  And why do we struggle so mightily to navigate the many choices life presents us?

The problem for many of us: we put the ego in charge.

According to Drake, one reason we may perceive the Universe as being silent is our own human ego, “the ugly, hard shell of stories and behaviors we embody to protect our culture, our ideas, our beliefs.” She goes on to identify the ego as “the false, lesser self”, one that represses our soul’s connection to the higher, universal self.

As a result, we miss out on the guidance the Universe has to offer and “our lives become exercises in wake-up calls, where environmental factors such as divorce, accidents or bankruptcy begin the self-reflection and awakening.” Now, ideally, we want to be able to bypass these wake-up calls. We want to be in a place where we make smart decisions from the get-go, where our actions are aligned with our purpose in life.

We need to function from a place of knowing before doing.

How do we do this? By tapping into a state of consciousness Drake refers to as “genius”. And while we often use this phrase to describe brilliant minds like Einstein or Marie Curie, she believes we all have the ability to access the genius within. That’s because it’s a trait given not just to a select few, but to everyone—a gift from the Universe. In Drake’s words:

Genius is simply our purest, most genuine self, manifesting that which comes effortlessly for each of us.

The key to accessing inner knowledge may be getting into a “zero state.”

Drake uses the phrase “the zero state” to describe the state-of-mind that puts us in touch with the universal consciousness. Think of the moments in life where you’re feeling totally calm and at-ease. For me, this state can be induced through physical activities like running or a morning meditation session, immediately after their completion. Drake calls it “the state of the mind-body in oneness with the Universe…where we align ourselves with the true nature of our being.”  She goes on to say:

When you achieve Zero, you will know you’re “there” and will redesign your entire existence to find more of it. This is the state in which you know your unique purpose on the earth. From Zero state, you will be guided step-by-step into an authenticity and abundance you’ve only glimpsed before.

It’s at these moments, when we immerse ourselves in “the boundless love and guidance of the Universe,” that we are best able to make difficult decisions and take a clear-eyed look at our lives. We can then determine if we’re on the right path or need to plan a detour to get back on course.

Drake believes that each one of us has our own unique purpose in life.

It is a sentiment shared by the spiritual author Caroline Myss, who in a recent conversation with Oprah, said that we all have a purpose or path—even if we are currently unaware of it. Myss believes that we know when we are on that path because life feels right, we know in our hearts that we’re not betraying or compromising ourselves.

Similarly, Drake writes that “the Universe is always conspiring to help us become conscious while on our path” and that “…we all have destinies. All of us. We are designed to know what we came here to do.” When we’re not on that path, things don’t feel right, we may even feel ashamed of our past and present actions.

Not sure of your path? The best way to find it may be to do nothing.

Drake advises us that “doing nothing—literally and spiritually—is the highest choice when we don’t know what to do.” When we have the time (and we usually do), it’s best not to create an artificial deadline to make important decisions or attempt course corrections. We need to wait and do the right thing rather than to try and force the action. That means:

No speaking, no acting out, no eating, smoking, texting. Simply witness your stories and pain until it softens into wisdom of the mind-body. The energetic block releases, compassion awakens. Do nothing, change everything.

We must live our lives with compassion—especially toward ourselves.

No beating ourselves up for past mistakes or if the answers we seek don’t come instantly. As a wise acquaintance once said, “always give yourself as much love, compassion and acceptance as you seek from others.” In closing, Drake gives us the following reminder, one that encapsulates her philosophy:

We are designed for happiness and bliss every moment. If we are looking for others to fix us, we are disconnected from the place that knows we fix ourselves. When we are ready to seek true understanding and health and happiness, it will come.

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