Bərîṯ Melaḥ : Be The Salt

Bərîṯ Melaḥ : Be The Salt August 16, 2023
  1. The big news lately is about Donald Trump and Hunter Biden’s corruption. Everyone is talking about the corruption in government. In Georgia, there has been an emphasis on the state’s voting system.

Corruption isn’t a party problem, it is a human problem. That’s why we see corruption in governments around the world.

  • France
  • El Salvador
  • Italy
  • Israel

History has proven time and again God’s people aren’t immune to corruption; because God’s people are still fallen humans. Despite what many think, we aren’t perfect humans.

Holy Crusades
Image by Wikipedia Commmons

The Old Testament prophets repeatedly prophesied against God’s people because they tended to turn from God (Malachi 2:3). The Holy Crusades are still a black eye for God’s people, although the intent was right, the means was wrong.

There are still just as many religious scandals in the church today as they were back then. God’s people have forgotten the salt covenant with God.




Bərîṯ Melaḥ

In Judaism, salt is important. When Lot’s wife looked back on Sodom and Gomorrah, she was turned into a pillar of salt (Genesis 19:26). Later God made a salt covenant (Bərîṯ Melaḥ) with the priesthood of His people (Numbers 18:19, 2 Chronicles 13:5).

Animal sacrifices were required to be seasoned with salt before being offered to God. Salt was regularly used by God’s people and not just to season their food.

In the South where I live, people put salt on everything from fruit and vegetables to dessert.

Salted Meat
Image by Pexels

I don’t eat salt on anything and rarely cook with it. I still use it, just not with food. There are other ways to use salt.






Use It

Below are some of the ways people use salt today.

  1. Cleaning refrigerators
  2. Sanitizing surfaces
  3. Deodorizing shoes
  4. Disinfecting piercings
  5. Extinguishing grease fires
  6. Natural mouthwash
  7. Keeping cheese from molding
  8. Preserving food
  9. Cooking
  10. Cleaning coffee pots

Salt is a natural catalyst that affects whatever it touches. In Jesus’ day, salt was used to preserve fish and meat. Jesus called His followers the salt of the earth.

Salt Mines
Image by Pixaby

Not only was He referencing the Jewish salt covenant, but He was also reminding them to be preservatives of what is good. God’s people are called to fight against corruption and decay. In Judaism salt was believed to ward off evil.

When we don’t, Jesus says we are good for nothing and should be thrown away (Matthew 5:13). In ancient Israel when salt went bad and lost its ability to preserve, it was thrown out.  Salt is meant to do something, or else it is worthless.




Do Something

God’s people are commanded to take action against corruption and evil, all of it! When we start allowing corruption, we cease to be the salt; because we are no longer being agents of change.

Greed and Corruption
Image by pexels

Over time salt crystals break down and can become ineffective.  Salt is a mineral that reacts with other minerals. Salt helps regulate electrolytes and fluid within our bodies.

When I do use salt it’s to stay hydrated. Salt retains water in the body and is important for fighting cramping. Endurance athletes consume sodium tablets before long exercises.



Salt is more than just the flavor of the South, it is a nutrient with many benefits to help us stay healthy.

  • Hydration
  • Conduct nerve impulses
  • Balances minerals and water.
  • Heals injuries

Salt is vital to human life. I believe this is Jesus’ reason for calling us the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13-16). We are invaluable to God and His purpose for redeeming creation.

Jesus sent out His Disciples to penetrate the darkness with light and prevent decay and corruption through Bərîṯ Melaḥ!

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